How do I join?

Click HERE to purchase a membership to Del Norte Gun Club.  Please configure your browser to accept cookies from our website.

If you have any problems or questions, please open a support ticket HERE.

Use the links in the left column to navigate between membership categories.  On the right side of the DNGC website window you will see the memberships available for purchase.  When you have made a choice, click on the green Order Now button.  Enter all required information and use the blue Continue button to move between screens.  Use the green Checkout button to complete your purchase.  You may mail in your payment or use our secure credit card processing system provided by to complete payment.

Individual, Senior, Lifetime and Associate Members
The DNGC Annual Individual, Senior and Lifetime Memberships each have an option for Associate Members.  You may add up to five (5) associate members provided that each associate members resides at the same address of the primary member.

Required Fields
DNGC collects information at the time of purchase that is required by our insurers and club directors.  We do not share information about our members with any third-party.

Required New Member Orientation
Included in your purchase will be non-refundable fees for the New Member Orientation, class materials, range qualification and testing.  After purchasing a DNGC Membership you will receive an email with instructions on how the schedule your orientation.  General information about the New Member Orientation is HERE.

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