The match course is the CMP “As Issued Military Rifle Course B” at 200yds with M1 Garand or Vintage Rifle.  The course of fire is 5 rounds slow fire for sighting from prone in 5 minutes, 20 rounds slow fire from prone in 20 minutes, 10 rounds rapid fire from standing to prone in 80 sec, 10 rounds rapid fire from standing to sitting in 70 sec, 10 rounds slow fire from standing in 10 minutes. A reload is required in the rapid fire stages.  One sanction match is held per year.  Sanctioned competition matches will require a CMP Wavier and Liability Agreement.  Cost is $5.00 for members; $10.00 for nonmembers, sanctioned competitions will have a surcharge of $5.00. Required equipment is as issued rifle (M1 Garand, 1903 Springfield, M 1917, Krag, or other vintage rifle) with proper clips and ammunition. See CMP rule book for clarifications at  Recommended equipment is sling, ground mat, shooting jacket, shooting glove, spotting scope.

As an option, other rifles will be allowed in non-sanctioned competitions if shooter wants to practice positional shooting.

M1 Carbine and High-power competitions maybe held depending on interest.


Please see the Event Calendar for more information.