Safety, firearms handling, marksmanship, tactical skills, kids and beginners, long range skills


Weekly competitions in a wide variety of challenges for all Beginners to experts, every type of shooting

The Del Norte Gun Club ranges, including 1,000 yard, shotgun, IDPA, Cowboy Action, rifle, and 3D Archery, are used frequently for competitions – including international level, world-class shooters. As a member, you are encouraged to participate, learn new shooting skills, increase existing interests and expertise, share your knowledge, and grow in these sports.


Frequent exhibits of firearms, equipment, accessories Frequent demonstrations of expert shooting at every range


We emphasizes firearm safety in every aspect of our offerings. Every new member is required to take an NRA sponsored firearm safety course, offered every other Saturday morning at the Club’s air conditioned training center. From that beginning, every Range, every member, every program, and every competition is focused on safe firearm handling. We have fun – safely!


One valuable benefit of Del Norte Gun Club membership is the creation and development of close friendships, based on shared interests, competitions, training sessions, volunteer work, and meeting new people at the ranges. The common denominator of Club Membership is a strong bond that indicates similar focus on firearm safety, expertise, and learning new skills. Come join your new friends!


The heart of the Del Norte Gun Club is the participation of our members, in organizing competitions and training sessions, volunteering in any of a wide variety of important functions of the Club, sharing knowledge and skills with other members, caring for the physical facilities, serving as Club Officers, and many other opportunities to pitch in to help the Club continue to grow. Come join us!


The Del Norte Gun Club is a very friendly, family oriented, Member-centered, organization of shooters. Our focus is on safe firearms fun. To accomplish this primary goal, and ensure the safety of each shooter on each range, every member is required to adhere to a set of safety and common sense values and standards. The Range Safety Officers, Chief Range Safety Officer, and the Board of Directors are all committed to upholding these standards for all Club members and their guests.

Our Club is a recreational shooting organization with world-class facilities for all types of safe target shooting, including rifles, handguns, shotguns, and archery. The Club offers training, competition, camaraderie, and fun at our facilities in Rio Rancho, New Mexico.

The Club’s goals are:

Provide opportunities for shooters of all ages and abilities to use firearms and afford them a safe and fun place to shoot, Offer a wide variety of educational courses on firearms and archery safety, handling and the legal issues in owning and using a firearm. Access to local and national instructors, Help for women, children, senior citizens, and shooters with disabilities to use firearms for recreation and for self defense, Support for the Second Amendment and shooting sports, and Advocacy for passage of fair and equitable legislation pertaining to firearms ownership and usage.

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