Del Norte Gun Club hosts 3 gun matches the 2nd Saturday of each month, usually on the Law Enforcement range, or the IDPA bays.  See the events calendar for information. You do NOT need to be a member of the club to shoot with us. If you have any questions, want to borrow gear to compete, please do not hesitate to contact us. We want you to come out and have fun.
Match Fee: $15 – Non-members, $10 – Members – Please bring cash – Pre-registration is not required  First time shooters shoot for FREE!!
Time: Start: 8am, 9am during winter months (see calendar for specifics) – End: 1-2pm
It is OK to have your magazines loaded beforehand, but please do not show up with loaded firearms. If you are new, please find one of the match staff before handling your firearms at the range.
We follow the United Multigun League Ruleset –
What to expect:
3-gun (sometimes called multi-gun) is an action shooting sport involving the use of three guns – rifle, pistol and shotgun – in a “run-n-gun” practical shooting match format. A match comprises several “stages”, or unique scenario-based shooting problem to be solved. You will be shooting over, under and around obstacles from various positions, shooting static and moving targets (steel, cardboard, and flying clay). One, two or even all three guns may be required in a given stage, with the competitors’ ranking being based on their time to complete the stage, with penalty time added for any errors (such as missed targets etc.). Target distances can vary from 1 yard to 500 yards (normally much less).
Safety is our #1 priority so you will be expected to follow all the rules of basic firearms safety, plus some additional rules that help keep you and everyone at the match safe. Failure to do so will result in a disqualification from the match for the day.

 You will also be expected to help reset the stage (paste cardboard targets, reset steel targets) to help keep things moving along, and stay to help tear down the stages and put the targets/stage props away. (Work gloves are recommended). Usually we are finished by 1 -2pm

What equipment do I need? There are multiple divisions to choose from in 3 gun but you are scored only against other similarly-equipped participants. Section 6 of the UML covers equipment rulesets.
Rifle – Any semi automatic rifle (.223 or larger), with detachable magazines will work. Competitors typically use AR15’s, but AK’s, mini-14’s, M1A’s, AR10’s are used as well. A red dot or scope is helpful, but not required
Pistol – Any semi automatic handgun (9mm or larger) will work. A 9mm handgun with magazines that can hold 15+ is recommended, but not necessary. You will want to bring 2-3 additional magazines. You will need an OWB (outside the waistband) holster that secures your pistol well. No crossdraw holsters allowed.
Shotgun – Any shotgun (20 gauge or larger) will work – Most competitors use semi-automatic 12 gauge shotguns with an extended magazine tube (8-12 round total capacity). If you do not have a shotgun, but still would like to shoot, please contact the match director to make arrangements.
Other equipment – Eye and ear protection is required. A sturdy belt, magazine and shotgun shell holders are recommended, but not required. Magazines and extra ammo can be stuffed in pockets. Bring extra magazines, extra ammunition, water, sunscreen, and work gloves.
Don’t wait until you have the “perfect 3 gun gear setup” to come out and shoot. Bring what you have and make changes after you have a few matches under your belt. Matches have been won with a diverse range of firearms… in the end it is the shooter, not his equipment, that wins the match.
Ammunition – Most of the time you can get by with bringing the following:
Rifle – 50 rounds, Shotgun – 50 birdshot, 5 slugs, Pistol 75 rounds.
Email the match director for a more accurate estimate before the match. It is recommended that you bring extra ammunition to your first few matches since you will probably need more than the minimum.
Ammunition containing steel projectiles (steel birdshot), or steel core projectiles (green tip M855) is prohibited.
Other tips:
It may seem intimidating to show up and shoot in front of people you’ve never met before but 3 gunners have the reputation of being extremely friendly and welcoming. As long as you are safe, have a good attitude and are willing to help we will be happy to have you shoot with us, no matter your skill level.

 We recommend against buying a bunch of new equipment until you’ve shot a few matches. At the matches you’ll be able to see what more experienced 3 gunners use and recommend. If you are short of equipment, there is usually someone at the match that is willing to loan you whatever you need to help you get through the match.

Confirm that your firearms and magazines are 100% reliable with the ammunition you plan to use
Make sure your rifle is properly zeroed with the ammo you will be using and know your holdovers out to 4-500 yards.
Shoot only as fast as you are confident of getting your hits – you probably won’t win your first 3 gun match so shoot at your own pace
Plan each stage carefully. Where will you engage and shoot each target from? Where will you reload? If you need help with this, ask one of the match staff or more experienced 3 gunners
If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out or connect with us on instagram  at #delnorte3gun