The Del Norte F-class match is held on the fourth Sunday of the month on the 1000 yard range. Starting time is 8AM with set up the half hour prior. Match fees are $5. In addition to a rifle with ECI (empty chamber indicator), eye/ear protection, and ammo (50 to 60 rounds), equipment includes ground mat, front rest or bipod, rear bag, and clipboard with pencil for scorecard. Some shooters will bring chairs and spotting scopes to use while scoring. Rifles must be capable of hitting the six foot square target board every shot and have barrels heavy enough to dissipate the heat of all of the shots in the string.Most rifle scopes will need to be canted (usually done with a 20 MOA rail) to have enough adjustment to hit at 1000 yards.

F-class is a match where shooting is prone and every shot is marked/scored. This makes for a good way to learn the effects of the wind. Participants are divided into groups called relays where one relay will shoot and another pull targets. Generally unlimited sighter shots are allowed before the first string and two sighters are allowed for subsequent strings. The normal format is two 20 shot strings at 1000 yards. Other formats used include three 15 shot strings at 800/900/1000 yards or one 15 shot string at 600 yards along with two more fifteen shot strings at 1000 yards. Classes are F T/R for 223 and 308 rifles fired from a bipod rest and Open for the others. Often there is another class of shooters using slings and iron sights. Beginning shooters will be paired with an experienced shooter to learn the match formats and shooting skills. Visitors are welcome as long they check in with the match director.

A good option if the shooter is not ready for shooting at 1000 yards is the Full Bore Match as the distances shot are generally shorter. Full Bore matches have similar rules and formats and are held on the third Sunday of the month also on the DNGC 1000 yard range.

For information about scheduled events including competitions and classes, please check the calendar or contact Kevin Beem.